The Regional Resource Centers Program provides services to all states as well as the Pacific jurisdictions, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. The six regional program centers are funded by the federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) to assist state education agencies in the systemic improvement of education programs, practices, and policies that affect children and youth with disabilities. Services offered by the RRC Program include consultation, research services, specially designed technical assistance, training, and product development.

Through the RRC Program, the individual RRCs work collaboratively to help states and U.S. jurisdictions identify and address issues both within and across regions as well as nationally.  By working across regions, the RRCs are able to facilitate networking and information-sharing among states and U.S. jurisdictions with similar challenges and needs regardless of the specific regional location.

The RRC Program regularly collaborates with other OSEP-funded Technical Assistance and Dissemination (TA&D) Network centers on conferences, topical workgroups, product development, and other activities. By working collaboratively with these centers, the RRC Program is able to offer clients the benefits of nationwide expertise and high-quality technical assistance.

By working with states and U.S. jurisdictions, the ultimate beneficiaries of the RRCs' work are children and youth with disabilities and the families and professionals associated with them.

Map of All Regions