The RRCP Leadership Team meets on a regular basis.

The Leadership Team consists of the Directors of each regional center, the RRCP Coordinators, the OSEP Project Officer, and an Administrative Assistant.

The Leadership Team is responsible for setting policy and direction for the RRC Program and ensuring the implementation of the RRCP Strategic Plan. The RRCP Coordinators share responsibility for day to day management of the RRCP, provide oversight to the Priority Teams and Cadres, Report on the RRCP to the OSEP Project Officer and the Leadership Team, and Maintain communications with other TA centers.


Shauna Crane, RRCP Coordinator
Perry Williams, OSEP
Mike Abell, MSRRC
Betty Beale, SERRC
Maureen Hawes, NCRRC
John Inglish, WRRC
Carol Massanari, MPRRC

Kristin Reedy, NERRC
Myrrh Sagrada, WRRC





The RRCP has established and maintains an advisory board that meets annually.

The RRCP Advisory Board was established to provide input that influences the overall operations of the Program.  Board membership includes state directors of special education and Part C coordinators. In addition, the RRCP Advisory Board has representation from both OSEP and OESE funded technical assistance centers, including the RRCP’s most frequent collaborators DAC and NECTAC. The RRCP Advisory Board has met annually since its inception.

Most recently, the Advisory Board provided key observations about RRCP activities that included:

  1. Focus to “do a few things well” for all States and accomplish this through partnerships, collaboration and coordination of planning and services,   
  2. Given the number of State Directors new to the position, cultivate individual relationships with leaders.
  3. Continue developing shared technical assistance plans with States, and where needed, improve customer service, 
  4. Identify and address the priority needs in professional development for staff
  5. Focus on developing a shared understanding with State Staff regarding Results Driven Accountability (RDA).