Technical Assistance Services


The primary clients for the Regional Resource Center Program (RRCP) are State Education Agencies (SEAs) and Lead Agencies for Part C programs. The RRCP provides technical assistance to (SEAs) in improving education programs, practices, and policies that affect children and youth with disabilities. Through the RRC Program, the individual RRCs work collaboratively to help states and U.S. jurisdictions identify and address issues both within and across regions, as well as nationally. The RRCs are able to facilitate networking and information-sharing among states and U.S. jurisdictions with similar challenges and needs regardless of the specific regional location.

techSpecially Designed Technical Assistance

The RRCP uses various sources of data to plan and provide TA to state clients. These include an annual review of the Annual Performance Reports and OSEP Letters of Determination and regular communication with clients regarding their state priorities and initiatives. Based on these, RRCP TA Liaisons work with clients to provide customized services in their areas of need. This might include reviewing and refining monitoring practices, facilitating stakeholder input regarding policy development or changes, or assessing the effectiveness of improvement activities among other services.

researchInformation Research Services

Research services (scans for state information and topical research) are a component of the technical assistance services offered by the RRC Program. These services are provided by the Information Research Cadre (IRC), through the RRCP state liaisons. The IRC collaborates with information service providers from other projects in the Technical Assistance and Dissemination Network, including ECTA, NASDSE, NICHCY, and other topic specific centers.


In addition to longer-term, intensive TA, RRCP TA Liaisons provide consultation regarding specific issues to state staff as they need. Often this involves assessing options and implications before implementing a particular practice, working with the state’s OSEP contact to discuss areas of need, creating improvement plans and identifying improvement activities, and/or reviewing draft documents (e.g., manuals, guidance to local programs) as they are developed.

teamPriority Areas

Regional Resource Center Program Priority Areas address current special education issues deemed to have a national priority. The teams are formed as a result of the analysis of states’ Annual Performance Reports, and can consist of OSEP staff and staff from other TA&D centers, in addition to RRCP staff from across the program. Each team has a lead staff person who coordinates and facilitates the work of the team, which usually consists of developing tools, products and services to assist states in their need areas.

productProduct Development

Although the RRCP is focused on TA services, we sometimes develop products to support this work. As with all of our TA, products are developed based on federal requirements and guidance. Our products are designed to be applied to the specific state context and we do not regard them as TA in and of themselves. They are tools and resources to support TA services we provide.