E-liquid Vaping Safety Tips

February 24, 2016  |  E-Juice Guides

Many people turn to vaping or smoking electronic cigarettes for health reasons. Unlike the usual tobacco cigarette, e-cigs don’t contain harmful products such as tar, or smoke. You may chose e-liquid that contains no nicotine, or moderate the amount of vapor that is produced. However, cases of the atomizer (case containing the e-juice) exploding, the flavor seeping out, or battery explosions have been heard of. This is usually because of not following e-liquid vaping safety tips which include the following:

1. Use the Right Type of Cigarette

It is common to see or hear of a beginner going for a type meant for an experienced user. Usually, the advanced personal vaporizers (APVs) come with more features and are best for experienced smokers. However, due to lacking knowledge on how to operate it, inexperienced users may cause the cartomizer to run hot, set the vapor density maximum, or placing it near a heat source. Such issues may put the user at risk. A new user should go for beginner e-cigs that are intended for newbies.

2. Don’t Let the E-juice Run out Completely

Many people let the vape pen to a completely run out. When this happens, the heating element that is contained in the atomizer will tend to overheat since there is nothing to heat. This may lead to a very hot environment as well as production of some gas leading to an explosion. Rule of thumb calls for monitoring the level of e-liquid and not finishing it completely. Also, you need to cease usage as soon as you notice the cartomizer is warm.

3. Carry the E-Cig Safely

Poor carrying is one of the leading causes of explosions or the juice leaking out. This takes place after the keys and other objects knock against the vape pen leading to damage. Metallic objects can also create a short circuit which may damage the batteries and other internal components. To minimize this from happening, you should carry the e-cig inside its carrying case. Also, don’t move around with a unit that has started developing leaks or has loose batteries.

4. Observe Safety While Charging

Explosions while charging a vape pen are quite common. Usually, this isn’t because of manufacturing fault but negligence from the user. For instance, leaving the e-cig charging even after its fully charged can leading to the batteries exploding. Charging the unit while it’s turned on may cause some juice to leak out and causing a short circuit. Such issues can be avoided by not leaving it unattended, not charging throughout the night, and using the recommended charger.

5. Keep Batteries Away From Heat

To produce vapor, the e-cig contains an atomizer that is heated by a lithium-ion battery. A user is required to regularly recharge the battery for maximum performance. Like any other battery, placing it near heat not only affects its performance, and shortens its life, but can lead to an explosion. It is paramount not to place it near a source of heat for instance on top of the car’s hood/bonnet on a hot day, near a cooker, or the fireplace.

Other safety tips to observe include using the recommended e-juice, not over-filling the vape pen, and not always setting it at maximum. In addition to minimizing harm, observing the above e-liquid vaping safety tips take the vaping experience a notch higher.