Guide to Quit Smoking

quit-smokingQuitting smoking can seem like an impossible mountain to climb; however, it is definitely possible to do and a positive, can-do attitude will help you tremendously. The difficulty of quitting involves a bunch of different factors including: physiological composition, amount of cigarettes smoked per day, self-control; desire to stop. Obviously if you lack the desire to quit, you won’t quit smoking. A lot of people quit with no problem, at first; afterwards, the withdrawals become too much and they feel they have to pick up a cigarette.

Withdrawal symptoms can include: irritability, cravings, anger, anxiety, nervousness, problems concentrating, restlessness, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, depression. However, people who are attempting to quit should keep in mind that these horrible withdrawals will subside within a short duration. Once the toxins from the cigarettes exit your body, the withdrawals will fall away. Most withdrawal symptoms only last a few weeks, so there is some consolation in that statement.

Have no fear because it is a task that you will be able to do as long as you take the appropriate steps. Each symptom has solutions that can bring you a sense of relief and ease. Replacing a cigarette with something else such as gum, or an activity is effective for when you experience cravings.

The anxiety and nervousness can be a pain, but can be combated with relaxing activities such as: hot baths, meditation, herbs, exercise, tea. Caffeine will only increase the anxiety symptoms, so refrain from that while the withdrawal symptoms are in full effect. Take it easy and relax as much as possible if you are feeling fatigue; which can be difficult if you have a heavy work load. Avoid all forms of stimulation before you go to sleep and try out relaxation activities in order to combat the insomnia.

The cravings can be overwhelming, but can be overridden so don’t worry buddy. Staying busy is a great way to distract yourself from smoking a cigarette such as: music, games, books, tv, writing. The oral fixation of a cigarettes can be replaced with candy, mints, a healthy snack. By drinking water continuously through the day, you will help the cravings disappear and shrink the symptoms of withdrawal; also, water pushes the toxins out of your body. By being active exercising, not only are you making your body get into shape, you’re releasing endorphins in your brain that make you feel a sense of calm, relaxation, happiness.

There are nicotine replacement and non-nicotine medications. Nicotine replacements include: nicotine gum and the nicotine patch. These methods release small amounts of nicotine into your body continuously throughout the day in order to quiet withdrawal symptoms without the chemicals and tar from cigarettes. These treatments help smokers to erase the psychological components of the cigarette addiction and gives you an easier time learning new self-control and coping skills to not smoke.

e-cigA new form of nicotine replacement involves Vaporizers or electronic cigarettes. These give you water vapor with nicotine in it to be inhaled. The appeal of these is that you’re inhaling water vapor that only has nicotine in it, along with a few chemicals. In comparison to cigarettes that have 4,000 chemicals in them. Another appeal of e-cigarettes is that they are much more affordable than cigarettes in the long term. If you consider all the health and medical expenses that will be caused due to smoking illnesses, there is no comparison of cost. Many brands such as V2 Cigs stand firm on the idea that e-cigs must continue to be affordable for smokers to continue use them. The CEO of V2 has been featured on many publications such as CNN and he has repeatedly branded his company as a great alternative to smoking. If you decide to use e-cigs, V2 has provided a promo to our users to make the transition to smoke-free alternatives easier, at least financially speaking. Using this V2 Cigs coupon code or this one from RetailMeNot saves you up to 60% according to the site that offers them.

Non-nicotine medications reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms without nicotine, of course. These medications include: Zyban and Chantix; however, they are intended for short-term treatment.

An interesting avenue to quit smoking cigarettes involves hypnosis. This is intriguing because you somewhat trick your brain into no longer craving or having any desire to smoke cigarettes. What happens is a person who is knowledgeable and trained in hypnosis puts you into a state of deep relaxation where you are wide open to suggestions; therefore, the hypnotist can suggest you quit smoking cigarettes and no longer want cigarettes. This method has been shown to be successful, people sometimes waking up from the trance state feeling brand new.

Let your family and friends know about your decision to quit smoking. They can offer moral support and love; let them know you’re having withdrawal symptoms happen to you, in case you are behaving a little crankier. Family and friends can also nicely throw away any of your leftover cigarettes; maybe even pull a cigarette out of your mouth in a loving gesture.

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